Team School

What we do

We support children and underage refugees who come to Burghausen integrating into our local community.

We want to give them the best possible school education and the best possible start for their professional career in the future.




How we do it

We check language skills and previous school experiences of the kid to find out the suitable school-level to start with.

Additional German classes are the key to a successful school education.

We give additional support in learning the contents of every year of school.

We offer support to pass successfully the needed exams for the desired diplomas.

We offer analyses of the pupil´s potentials, done by external professionals. Thus there will be insight on what the pupil´s strengths or weaknesses are, so that furtheron the relevant support and best advice on future professions can be found.

In course of professional orientation for our “orientation class” we offer various training workshops in cooperation with local companies (amongst others the “day of practice” at Burghausen´s "Integrationswerkstatt").

The Federal Government´s Labour Agency and local companies support pupils in finding the best profession and the hereto necessary apprenticeship.

To achieve the goals of our workgroup and to get the best possible success at school for our “newcomers”, we need –apart from our enthusiastic teachers- also the support of further volunteers who will do additional German lessons with the kids and support the pupils in Mathematics and English.




Are you interested?

Please contact the “School Workgroup / Arbeitskreis Schule”:

Eva Maria Forche, Principal;

Franz-Xaver-Gruber-Mittelschule; Tel. 08677 – 9687-0; Fax 08677 – 96872-0

  • For registration of new pupils please arrange an appointment by telephone

  • If necessary we will arrange translators for the meeting

  • Parents and caretakers of youths without parents may always be given advice by our trained advisory teacher

  • If needed, we will help you to meet professional school social-workers, school-psychiatrists, etc.