[Translate to Arabisch:] Local Projects Overview

[Translate to Arabisch] TEAM LANGUAGE

The asylum-seeker should learn as fast as possible enough German so they can participate and communicate in the daily life. We offer special aid program for children, young and adult people.   More information>>


[Translate to Arabisch:] TEAM WORKING LIFE

We support the search and placing for apprenticeship training positions and jobs. We will support  the integration in German working life for the asylum-seeker.    More information >>

contact:  AK-Arbeit-Burghausen@web.de

[Translate to Arabisch:] TEAM SCHOOL

The minor refugees should seek for a degree at „Franz-Xaver-Gruber“middle school. We give additional support to reach this in German and with coaching in all other relevant subjects.   More information >>

Contact:  AK-Schule-Burghausen@web.de

[Translate to Arabisch] TEAM MENTORS & SPONSORS

We provide sponsors/mentors as well as contact information for asylum seekers so that they can easily integrate into our society and lead an independent life. More information>>

contact:  AK-Mentoring-Burghausen@web.de

[Translate to Arabisch:] Team Transport

If required and no public transport available we offer transportation together with company when seeing doctor, public authorities or similar appointments.  More information >>

Contact: AK-Transport-Burghausen@web.de

Arbeitskreis Freizeit - Asyl in Burghausen

[Translate to Arabisch:] TEAM LEISURE TIME

We organize events, excursions and regular meetings for refugees and the citizens of Burghausen, so that we can all get to know each other better. More information >>

Contact: AK-Freizeit-Burghausen@web.de


Providing help and support for refugees - like any voluntary work – should be completed over a prolonged and continuous period of time; so that everyone has the opportunity to understand, to learn and to adapt to each other. Even if you have only a limited amount of free time available, through consultation with the other volunteers, we can arrange an appropriate work schedule that caters best to your needs/abilities.

The requirements we ask of you in fulfilling this position are:

→ openness to other cultures and behaviours
→ an understanding for people who have experienced the trauma of escape, where they have lost everything and have been uprooted from their culture and home
→ helpfulness and willingness
→ assertiveness and perseverance
→ organisational skills
→ Team spirit, as you will be in constant interaction/working with other volunteer helpers
→ Patience, as all things will take time

For some refugee working groups you must submit a criminal record, as you will be supervising minors under the age of 16. This is obtained at the city hall or local public office. When applying for a criminal record through a free carrier (for example, Caritas or Diakonie), it is free of charge for volunteers.